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Welcome to Absolute Wellness Compounding

We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust

Absolute Wellness Pharmacy is a new, state of the art compounding lab and storefront in the heart of San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills California. Absolute Wellness (AWP) is licensed to serve medical practices throughout the state of California.


Personalized customer care with a focus on comprehensive health and consistent, quality compounding is what sets Absolute Wellness Pharmacy apart. When you visit one of our location you can expect to receive world class care. Expert pharmacy specialists and caring clerk staff provide you with an exceptional experience.

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Our lab serves several medical fields

Topical Anesthetics

Compounded Bioidential Hormone Replacement

Topical creams, peels & serums

Physician's First Choice

Absolute Wellness works together with medical professionals to customize medications and meet specific needs as well as meeting the need for commonly compounded preparations.

Featured Services

We cover a variety of pharmacy services

Pharmacy Prescribed Birth Control

Stop in today to receive your prescription in minutes.

Weight Management

We offer prescription and over the counter aids for your weight loss needs.


Prescription BHRT, Over-the-counter supplements and other aids.

Expert pharmacy specialists and caring staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

Working Hours

MONDAY 9:30-5:30pm
TUESDAY 9:30-5:30pm
WEDNESDAY 9:30-5:30pm
THURSDAY 9:30-5:30pm
FRIDAY 9:00-5:30pm
SATURDAY 10:00-3:00pm

Fees & Insurance

For the convenience of our customers, Absolute Wellness Pharmacy provides direct insurance billing with most major national insurance providers and assistance companies.

Is my prescription covered?

Call Now 1 (800) 916-7554 and find out if your prescription is covered with your health insurance plan.